Sneakers for women REEBOK WORKOUT LO PLUS CN4610


by Reebok

€59,00 €99,00

Vintage look that reminds us of a past and unforgettable era. With a retro silhouette, this matte white signature shoe in pink on the front and side redefines contemporary style with an upper made entirely of soft leather. The EVA midsole with rubber outsole provides comfortable, durable cushioning to complete an authentic, nostalgically appealing look.


  • Vintage style
  • EVA midsole 
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Abrasion resistant rubber outsole 
  • Low-cut design 
  • Soft leather upper 
  • Product color: Vintage-White/Practical Pink


    Reebok International Limited is an industrial company founded in the United States focused on the creation of sport-related items and accessories.
    Their story began in 1895. During a nasty English afternoon, 14-year-old Joseph William Foster, country runner from the town of Bolton, Manchester, created one of the first pairs of sport-spiked shoes in history. He did not know yet that he had started one of the most fascinating business stories of all time: that of Reebok, which today is one of the most successful sportswear brands in the world.
    The epic of the sports brand began slowly, in fact, the transition from the creativity to the real business took place in fact only five years later, or in 1900.
    With the "J.W. Foster and Sons "and the" Olympic Works ", the company began to distribute their shoes throughout the UK, ending up wearing them even to the great British athletes, like the 100 meters Olympic champion Harold Abrahams during the Olympics of Paris of 1924.


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