Sunglasses ITALIA INDEPENDENT 0501LP 078


by Italia Independent


Italia Independent sunglasses. To embellish the titanium frames, the wave of Hokusai engraved in low relief on both rods and on the titanium noses. Handmade in Japan. On the flat lenses, in addition to the internal anti-reflection, there is the signature Laps made by laser. Laser-lasered Italia Independent logo on the terminals. 


  • Family: laps collection
  • Shape: oval
  • Material: metal frame
  • Auction: 145 mm
  • Temple: 19 mm
  • Caliber: 50 mm
  • Color: GUN


    Italia Independent is a brand of creativity and style founded in 2006 by Lapo Elkann and some independent members who combine fashion and design, tradition and innovation. The brand name contains its philosophy: Italy as the root and source of inspiration for a global brand, independence as the freedom to reinterpret Made in Italy and classic (from glasses to clothing) strictly made in Italy using advanced materials.