Shoes for women CONVERSE CHUCK 70 563490C


by Converse



Pink shoes in limited editions for women signed Converse. The Converse Chuck 70 sneaker is built from an original design, now updated with extraordinary attention to detail. Inspired by courtyards and leather. Illuminated by a soft shock pink wash. Designed with fine materials, rubber ribbons and extra padding. Functionality and sports utility come together to create the best basketball sneaker ever.


  • Regular footwear
  • Rubber and leather
  • Closure with laces
  • Extra padding
  • Details in red color
  • Product color: Pink with blue and red details


      Converse, a famous brand with a century of history behind it, produces trendy Chuck Taylor All Star and One Star sneakers. Now they work to create new classics of street style. 

      Converse is sport, street and creative culture.

      The company's most famous product is the All Star Converse model, designed in 1923 by Chuck Taylor, a professional basketball player, to improve his game. In the sixties, seventies and eighties many musicians and singers of rock bands wore these shoes and over the years these shoes have spread to the masses. 

      Since the nineties they have returned very popular, thanks to the company's choice to produce numerous variations on the theme, changing colors, materials and shape of the original shoes. 


      Our fashion botique is located in the center Arzignano, Vicenza since 1911.
      An experience and a family tradition that have been constantly reinterpreted to get to the latest research and experimentation.