Sweater for women FORTE FORTE 5888 CICLAMINO


by Forte Forte


This Forte Forte product makes your look unique in terms of fit and comfort.
Long-sleeved shirt in cyclamen cotton and silk. Sleeve bottom with cuff.


  • 70% cotton
  • 30% silk
  • Made in Italy
  • Color: cyclamen 


Forte Forte is an italian fashion project for woman, it was in fact created by the will of the brothers Giada and Paolo Forte to found a personal brand after gaining years of experience working for major brands of Italian and international fashion, respectively as designer and in business segment.

Each new creation coming out of the workshop Forte Forte is designed for a strong, independent woman, yet feminine and delicate, choosing her clothes to communicate its story and emphasize her emotional being.

Through the use of the best Italian fabrics and passion for handmade details and special finishes, collections designed Forte Forte are timeless, bringing the brand in a few years to become one of the rising stars of Made in Italy most appreciated worldwide.