Bracelet Fibra Fine 1.5 AIRAM FF 1.5


by Airam



  • Bracelet with 14 layers of carbon fiber
  • Wear resistant thanks to the use of a particular protective resin
  • Totally hypoallergenic
  • Height 1.5 cm
  • Effect "fibra fine"



Airam was born in Turin in the '90s as a manufacturer of handmade leather belt with silver buckle. Over the years, thanks to the passion for the sky dive of the two founding partners, he begins to use the carbon fiber (a material until then relegated only to the sports world) even in its creations of fashion and jewelery accesories.

In 2009, in collaboration with Roberto Demeglio, won the first prize "Las Vegas Couture Awards" for gold jewelry, making a bracelet of carbon fiber with platinum and diamonds inserts.

Today Airam specializes in designing and producing fashion accessories (bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, belts, etc.) joining together quality materials (bull leather tanned in Tuscany for its belts for example), the use of innovative technology (carbon fiber from the aviation industry) and the famous skills of Italian craftsmanship. All accessories are in fact completely handmade in Italy, becoming unique pieces.



With a tape measure draws the circumference of your wrist in centimeters. Then adding to this measure 1 cm further, you'll get the right size of your bracelet (example: a wrist of 16 cm in circumference, requires a bracelet size 17)


Our fashion botique is located in the center Arzignano, Vicenza since 1911.
An experience and a family tradition that have been constantly reinterpreted to get to the latest research and experimentation.