by Haikure

€206,00 €295,00


  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Shirt collar
  • Button closure
  • 2 pockets on the front
  • Short and tight fit
  • Bell sleeves fringed at the ends
  • Silvered buttons
  • Color: blue jeans
  • Made in Italy


The name itself contains its DNA and represents its philosophy; In fact, Haikure derives from the union of the word Haiku, a Japanese minimalist poetic composition inspired by nature, with the ending of the terms "pure, nature, future", which are the values ​​at the base of this lifestyle brand.

Transparency, respect for the environment, sustainability: Haikure looks to the future while respecting the present and is immediate in communicating brand values, which can be summarized in three concepts: pure, fashion and inside.

Pure, because it comes from natural elements and because it has the firm will to guarantee maximum transparency. Denim, cotton and most of the accessories used are organic and eco-sustainable, while all the processing of the product (all washings of denim for example) are entirely natural, thanks to the use of techniques and methods aimed at minimizing the environmental impact.

Fashion, as the items in the Haikure collection are exclusive, using high quality Italian and Japanese fabrics and attention to detail.

Inside, because, according to the brand, fashion is within us as well as purity and respect for ourselves and for nature. The leaders therefore value the story, the personality and the desire to express oneself of the individual.