Jacket for men STONE ISLAND 15411722 0015


by Stone Island



Brick-coloured jacket in MICRO REPS for men signed Stone Island. The weft threads, with a diameter smaller than that of the warp, are suitable to be very beaten to obtain a compact surface that makes the garment windproof. Wrist strap, adjustable from automatic. The addition of a special agent sprayed on the finished garment makes the garment drip-proof. Equipped with a standing collar with Velcro fastening. Dowel under the sleeves. Closed by a double-slider zip. Diagonal entrance pockets on the front, with flap closed by a hidden snap. Vertical chest pockets with zip fastening. Designed in opaque polyester nylon derived from the military concept. 


  • 48% Polyamide
  • 52% Polyester
  • Anti-drip
  • Vertical chest pockets with zip closure
  • Standing collar with velcro closure
  • ZIp with double cursor
  • Diagonal pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Dowel under sleeve
  • Product color: Brick
  • Model size: M
  • Model height: 1.77 cm


Stone Island is the Italian brand that reinvented the concept of sportswear and casual clothing, was born in 1982 from the partnership between the Art Director and intellectual Massimo Osti and the businessman Carlo Rivetti.

Stone Island every new collection based on the knowledge gained over the years by the study of uniforms and work clothes, which always combines functionality and aesthetic pleasure. All this is combined with an ongoing research and testing of new fabrics and fibers, starting from the use and transformation of unusual materials and production techniques never used before in the world of clothing because they are from other industries such as aviation, engineering construction or water filtration.

The nylon monofilament, reflective or heat-sensitive fabrisc, featherweight polyester cloth vacuum-coated with a 100% stainless steel film, non-woven fabrics, Kevlar felts and rhomboidal nets in polyester coated in polyurethane are just a few examples of innovative textile creations produced in more than 30 years in casual sportswear apparel industry from Stone Island. Shipping only Italy.


Our fashion botique is located in the center Arzignano, Vicenza since 1911.
An experience and a family tradition that have been constantly reinterpreted to get to the latest research and experimentation.