Jeans for men 2W2M STEVE 16 LCCDZ 20112


by 2W2M

€124,00 €178,00


  • Jeans for men Two Men in the world
  • Model: Steve 16 LCCDZ
  • Pant 5 pockets regular
  • Blue denim fixed 12.5 OZ
  • Buttons closure
  • Made in Italy


2W (Two Women in the world) and 2M (Two Men in the world) are the two souls, female and male, of the same brand that was born in Italy in the '60s, more precisely in the "Jeans valley", the textile-clothing district located in the Marche region famous to host the entire chain related to the production of denim.

For this 2W2M can valorize all the potential of denim fabric, offering a full range of models of jeans for men and women thanks to the extensive network of workshops and specializing laundries with whom it collaborated, exclusively Italians.

The 2W2M jeans are fashion garments tailored and rich in details, with an impeccable fit and an "used" look thanks to particular washing and the use of special techniques of shades, milling and mending.