Sneakers PONY PROMODEL 477A C13


by Pony

€70,00 €100,00


  • Sneakers Pony Promodel 477A C 13
  • Leather uppers
  • Logo on the sides and on the heel
  • Rubber outsole
  • Color: red/white


Pony is a true icon as regards the sneakers model. The brand has marked the history of many generations, from the beginning of the legendary 70's until today. Born in Manhattan in 1972 the creative inspiration of Roberto Muller, Pony had the merit of having cleared through customs, the use of sneakers in the city, breaking down the barriers that they wanted the sneakers worn exclusively in athletic fields or stadiums.

Who can forget the famous images signed by Pony of NBA, NFL and many other US sports leagues, with protagonists the undisputed myths of international sport? Thanks to these images and the first hip hop and break dance video, the Pony shoes have begun to be known worldwide as a symbol of the American dream.


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